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  1. Hi there, I work in FE and HE and am interested in setting up a Big History project as well as doing some research for my PGCE and possibly also for an Ed.D in the near future.

  2. I am an independent scholar (literature and art history) and writer with an interest in global history, particularly the connections between natural history and cultural history. I have also worked in the arts and am interested in the potential of big history to inspire and inform the imagination.

  3. I work at the Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University. Also involved in Planetary Boundaries Initiative. I have a long-standing interest in palaeontology and the ‘universe story’.

  4. Hi
    I’m studying Big History at Macq Uni Sydney, finding it very rewarding and thought provoking so am aiming to connect with a broader group to share and gain insights.

  5. I am philosopher and researcher at the University of Sao Caetano do Sul, Brasil. I have a interest in cosmology, astrobiology and evolution.

  6. I have just started a postdoc at the University of Glasgow, researching ancient technology. One thing that really interests me about Big History is the interaction between the many ingenious ways people have developed to reconstruct the past (in history, archaeology, biology, geology, cosmology etc)

  7. I am a planetary scientist at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. I have long had an interest in the ‘cosmic perspective’ and what I see as its positive implications for human society. I see ‘Big History’ as a means of extending this perspective, which ought to be part of every educated person’s worldview.

  8. My name is Roger Heppleston
    I am the author of Memes, Socieites and Human Evolution – How Humans came to dominate the planet and threaten its ecology, available on Amaazon. This tells the history of human evolution from our ape forebears to the modern day.
    Website eco-humanity

  9. Hello, I would like to join BHUK. I am currently a secondary History teacher in Germany. My interest in Big History stems from my PhD research into the history of infectious disease with ´Plagues and Peoples´ by McNeill drawing me toward thinking about a larger historical narrative. James

  10. My name is Luke Michael Ironside – I am a student of philosophy, politics, and Big History. I am currently in the process of completing a course through Macquarie University on Big History and hope to be of some assistance in furthering the field in the future.

  11. H I,
    I am licence holder for and would like to have input from Big History to our programmes.
    I am also discussing setting up a permanent exhibition in Leicester inspired, amongst other things, by


    Leicester is one of the culturally most diverse cities in Europe and I see these projects as helping bring us together and benefit from our various histories,

    I would be most grateful for suggestions and offers of help.

    I am looking forward to meeting people in Amsterdam and on the tour

    All the best


  12. Hi Warren
    I too will be at Amsterdam and will be speaking there about memetic evolution. If you are interested in the talk, perhaps we could discuss whether I could help you out at TEDX

  13. My name is Kate Hawkey. I am a lecturer at the University of Bristol where I coordinate the secondary history PGCE programme. I aim to ‘big up’ the history PGCE and have been involved in several interdisciplinary initiatives.

  14. I am a teacher and a grandparent. The more I see if the planet today with it’s wonders I see that our progress had lost sight of the lessons taught by humans who learnt to only take what they need and put back what they took. With that and respect for all people we should be able to move forward.

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