Logo150x150Big History is a new way of looking at the universe and your place within it. How are you related to the stars, to a grain of sand, to a flower? You have a relationship with every object in the universe, and Big History aims to show you what that relationship is.

It does this by following history from the Big Bang to the present day, showing the links between the diverse branches of knowledge which this includes.

Children love it because it makes sense of a vast jumble of science and history which, until now, have made no sense. Teachers love it because it is based on a cross-curricular framework which engages both the intellect and the imaginations of their students. People love it because it shows them their place in the universe and gives them clues about the future by learning the lessons of the past.

Big History UK (BHUK) is an Association designed to encourage the study of Big History within the UK. Many other countries are now adopting the subject in schools and universities, but the UK has been slow to follow (with a few notable exceptions).

The Association will encourage more academics to adopt the subject and help them to plan how to implement within their institutions.

It is also aimed to support students and the general public who want to study the subject. Teachers and students are encouraged to submit articles for publication on any topic related to Big History. Please write your suggestion or article in the comment box below, or send it to: admin@bighistory.org.uk

The management board of the Big History UK Association consists of:

Philip Brown, Acting President
Ian Mowll, Secretary
Vicki Timms, Treasurer
Chris Oddy, National Co-ordinator

Membership is free and open to everybody. Please click on the “Join” link above.

The site is hosted and managed by Penny Press Ltd as a public service.


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  1. Hi there. I’m a Big History enthusiast and hoping to do a PhD in that area (although possibly from a English Lit perspective). I’m Australian, but I have a UK passport too, so I’ve looking around at British universities, trying to find researchers doing Big History… I’ve come up pretty short and the prospects actually look better in Australia.

    I was wondering if you knew of any departments at UK universities or even individual researchers I might want to look up.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



    PS Love the site, very useful.

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